In Afghanistan, Central Asia on October 21, 2008 at 9:49 pm

Seumas Milne – The Guardian: Comment is Free: “This is the conflict Western politicians and media continue to urge their reluctant populations to support as a war for civilization. In reality, it is a war of barbarity, whose contempt for the value of Afghan life has fueled the very resistance that Western military and political leaders are now unable to contain. In this year alone, for every occupation soldier killed, at least three Afghan civilians have died at the hands of occupation forces. They include the 95 people, 60 of them children, killed by a US air assault in Azizabad in August; the 47 wedding guests dismembered by US bombardment in Nangarhar in July — US forces have a particular habit of attacking weddings; and the four women and children killed in a British rocket barrage six weeks ago in Sangin.”


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